Haunted House II: Demon's Curse

Intrepid adventurers must enter the most haunted room of the most haunted house in the country to try and finally lay to rest the curse that has afflicted this terrible mansion for a century, Its owner, Lord Crowley, one of the most infamous demonologists of his time, mysteriously disappeared from within this very room almost 100 years ago.

In 1999 a team of paranormal investigators entered the room in an attempt to solve the mystery and were never seen again. Others have followed, and they too disappeared without trace.

Now, something new has stirred deep in the underworld. Something angry. Something that has not been able to find the portal to our world – until now!

Haunted House II is set in the same room as the original Haunted House game but is a whole new experience with a fresh story, new challenges, and added scares! Although the physical space is the same, we're sure you won't recognise it!

Please Note: This room features flashing lights, smoke, jump scares and other effects. Not suitable for players under the age of 12 years. Please contact us before booking if you have any questions.

For accessibility requirements and any other queries you may have, please head over to our FAQ page!


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